Return of the Anime Boomers with Nick Rekieta

From theĀ AnimeBoomers podcast, “The Anime Boomers are back for another episode, with special guest Nick Rekieta of @RekietaLaw, fresh off his interview with legendary anime voice actor Vic Mignogna. On today’s episode we talk about the disaster that is Record of Ragnarok’s anime adaptation, how VTubers have taken over YouTube, why Nick is not a fan of VTube and why Cody is, shady internet preachers grifting people with superchats for prayers, Nick’s Vic Mignogna interview, how Toei Japan wanted a new actor for Broly (which had nothing to do with Vic,) Chris Sabat’s backstabbing, Sean Schemmel’s daddy issues, Nick and Vic’s upcoming trip to Anime Matsuri, and a small discussion about blue voters fleeing California for Texas. Featuring co-hosts @SpookyWeebtrash and @AnimeOutsidersTheWebsite‘s own Cody Baier (pronounced BAI-UR, not BAY-ER), author of Cloudscratcher. [RECORDING DATE: Jun 26, 2021]