Anime Boomers Live Featuring Mister Metokur

From theĀ AnimeBoomers podcast, “Grab your pill bottles and get ready to shake them like maracas, because the leader of the Sweetie Squad drops by the Anime Boomer Podcast to talk about all those crazy Japanese cartoons and mangoes. Featuring special guest @MisterMetokur, with @SpookyWeebtrash, Flamenco, Cody Baier from @AnimeOutsidersTheWebsite, and @TheGatorGamer. Jim talks about some of his favorite anime, Spooky reveals some deep, dark personal problems, Cody drops some recommendations, Flamenco reveals his favorite genre of the non-consensual variety, Gator answers the “Gunt Question,” the Boomers watch two nerds fighting in trip pants while quoting Kingdom Hearts, Vic’s case continues in limbo, Tuna Melt-chan’s stinky nether bits get the stream restricted, Susan extorts Gator for more Franzia, the based takes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, @PipkinPippa gets a shout out, Mount Cringemore and Gaming Gaters, and more! Also where in the world is @DamePesos? [RECORDING DATE: Jan 14, 2022]