Life in a Different Basement Divided By Zero with NECRO XIII

From the AnimeBoomers podcast, “The Boomers are back once again, this time as the patron saints of AniTuber bothering with the OG AniTuber floggers, ​ @SpookyWeebtrash and @NECROXIII. Mother’s Basement decides that Subaru is literally him and uses his father’s death as a Twitter shield, Netflix is back again to ruin yet another beloved franchise, Oda’s One Piece, White Spooky Loves Big Red Dogs, AniTubers discover that LoveLab contains a Trudeau moment and get big mad, Nezuko boxes are a massive seller at Universal Studios Japan, Quinton Reviews has the most depressing vacation imaginable, Rankin-Bass Cartoons are Japanese anime, Enrico Pucci is about to start the worst of all woke anime nerd flame wars, Spooky & Necro battle Videogamedunkey’s annoying fans, AniTubers help each other finish on each other, Gigguk’s Wife is a coomer and possibly a psychopath, Gator and Spooky battle Mother’s Basement simps on Twitter, Pedantic Romantic wants to bone Titans, WhatTheWhat battles NuxTaku Big Chungus, NFTs are a deep state conspiracy to launder money using furries, and more! [RECORDING DATE: Nov 13, 2021]