Boomerween with Mark After Dark

From theĀ AnimeBoomers podcast, Hey Vern! It’s your old pal Gator! Instead of watching Ernest Scared Stupid for the 1000th time this Halloween (a classic in my opinion! RIP the legend Jim Varney) you should listen to myself, @SpookyWeebtrash, and special guest @MarkAfterDark talk about our favorite scary things. Here is just a quick rundown of the things we talked about: Suzy Lu, Female Turkey Tom, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a horror anime, Junji Ito, the Dune Remake, the tactile nature of horror books, OneyPlays, PewDiePie, Marble Hornets and Slenderman, Trick R’ Treat, Silent Hill, Thai film “The Promise”, The Eternals, Dunkey, MatPat’s slow descent into complete insanity, and the scariest thing of all: the YouTube Algorithm. Listener beware, you’re in for a scare. [RECORDING DATE: Oct 23, 2021]