Anime BOO!mers the Movie

From theĀ AnimeBoomers podcast, “Cody Baier of Cloudscratcher ( and @AnimeOutsidersTheWebsite ( makes his long awaited return and things immediately fly off the rails. Hope you’ve got 4 hours to sit down and listen to this feature length presentation. We highlight the attempt cancellation of Chuck Huber and Quinton Flynn by the usual suspects, Anime’s answers to the NEET question, Shinji’s VA being cringe, Spooky getting into a twitter gang fight with Nicholas DeOrio and his followers over anime tiddies, Kosperry’s incredible Don Bluth inspired works, Suspiciously wealthy furries and Lindsay Lohan NFTs, and that time Cody stared so hard into the abyss so that he couldn’t even bring himself to write an Anime Outsiders article about it. Featuring co-host @SpookyWeebtrash. [RECORDING DATE: Oct 1, 2021]