Redo of Boomer with Yellow Flash

From theĀ AnimeBoomers podcast, “Kept you waiting huh? The Anime Boomers return with special guest @YellowFlashProductions, whom just got back from a fantastic weekend at Anime Matsuri. On today’s episode we discuss MarzGurl’s craigslist couch fundraiser, the rise and fall of Channel Awesome and the Channel Awesome to Breadtube pipeline, Quinton Reviews’ destruction by Lindsay Ellis, Gundam and Super Robot Wars, why women are huge fans of Redo of Healer, the origins of PULL, ancient YouTube lore including hbomberguy and Mister Metokur, RedLetterMedia’s trolling on the Black Widow review episode, the Olympics in Japan, the original Xbox game Steel Battalion, Sony’s video games censorship, Ethan Klein’s hatred of The Quartering and Keemstar, and how Disney Animation saved the company in the 90’s. Featuring co-host @SpookyWeebtrash. [RECORDING DATE: July 17, 2021]