Cody Baier


Sarcastic, bombastic, and iconoclastic, Cody Baier is the head honcho at Anime Outsiders. Cody hasn’t shied away from rocking the anime community’s collective boat with his blunt and abrasive criticisms of the anime fandom, and all their sacred cows. Having rustled the jimmies of many other anime podcasters, even those with prominent positions in anime “journalism”, Cody has now set his sights on creating a network for those who enjoy the better offerings of Japanese animation (while still holding the worst of it accountable), and for those who reject the “otaku” label. He also hosts Anime Outsider’s flagship podcast “The Other Side”, having created the show as an entertaining alternative to the typically cringe-ridden world of anime podcasts.

Aside from his AO duties, Cody is a comic artist/writer, fighting game junkie, TF2 aficionado, and social media shitposter. You can see him burn bridges on Twitter at @LordShmeckie, or you can check out his 90’s animation throwback comic “Cloudscratcher” over at!



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