Title: Pr.

Name: O. Tto (T’s are silent)

Age: 16

Occupation: 2nd-Year High School Student

Birthday: December 24

Height: 180 cm

Weight:67 kg

Chest Measurement: 122 cm

Likes: Protecting his friends, a shining high school life

Dislikes: Anime

Protto was scouted for Anime Outsiders after he plagiarized the script of a largely unknown, online
movie trailer-reviewer and passed it off as his own critical analysis of an anime he had never watched.
The representatives at AO completely saw through Protto’s slapdash ruse but still decided to offer him a
position for reasons unknown. In reality, Protto hates Japanese media and cannot for the life of him
understand why men are stationed to end his family’s lives should he attempt to leave the site’s staff.

Regardless, he dutifully continues to overanalyze the East’s animated offerings while hoping, perhaps
vainly, that his hobby won’t negatively impact his real world career endeavors too severely.
When he isn’t eating on school rooftops, craftily sidestepping his younger sister’s advances, or
impotently struggling to sputter out a love confession to any of his 12-member-and-growing harem of
barely legal babes, Protto busies himself by getting in as many sneak peeks at his fellow contributors’
panties as he can.

You can follow him at @ProttoCol. Pay no mind to the occasional tweetbadmouthing foreign ethnic
populations. Protto is by no means a bigot, and tolerates their squalid, uncivilized barbarism like
everyone else.