LeighAnn Williams

“Ducky” is an article editor on Anime Outsiders who was lured in by promises of fancy bagels. She’s also an on-and-off guest on The Other Side, mostly whenever Cody Baier feels like pointing out that he has a “not-shit-tier waifu, haha, take that nerds”.

In her leisure time, when she’s not indulging in everyone’s favorite form of Japan’s media, she enjoys cooing over adorable animals, learning various crafts, hiding the fact she’s literally a waterfowl, and working her way through a backlog of video games.

Reviews of her have ranged from “With her voice, she should be a phone sex operator” to “That girl has the voice of a shrieking harpy”, both of which are some of her proudest moments. Beyond finding her on Anime Outsiders, you can find her swimming in a local pond, or on Twitter at @Lakrahmos.



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